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The "Senior", Student Publication of Boynton High School at Eastport, Maine - Commencement Issue of June 1911

June 1911 issue of the "Senior", student publication of Boynton High School of Eastport, Maine.  Commencement issue.

Below, the editorial staff:
Back row:
C. Flagg Cummings, Business Manager
Helen M. Corthell, Assistant Business Manager
J. Jerome Gilligan, Athletic Editor
Arthur F. Varney, Editor-in-Chief

Front Row:
Myrtle M. Norwood, Exchange Editor
Mildred Holmes, Assistant Editor-in-Chief
Carrie E. Bucknam, School Editor
Adelaide M. MacAchorn, Alumnae Editor
The page below shows the Boynton High School Cadets in the Memorial Day parade of 1911
Below, the Boys Basketball Team of Boynton High School
William Gilligan
Jack Neary (Coach)
Charles Norton
Louis White
Arthur Varney
C. Flagg Cummings
Charles Gilligan
Ralph Corbett

The pages in order: click on an image to enlarge it

Sunday, April 18, 2021

c1912 Photograph of Students in Eastport, Maine

c1912 photograph of students in Eastport, Maine.

The photograph has separated from its backing, which has identifications, but is in pieces.  

Some students are not identified; if you recognize them, please leave a comment.

Too large for scanner glass

First Row, Boys: 
  1. Harry Raye - Harry Davis Raye (1897-1985)
  2. Clifford Bishop - Clifford Merrill Bishop (1897-1964) or Merrill Clifford Bishop (1897-1964)
  3. Arthur Gregory - Arthur Stanley Gregory (1897-1978)
  4. Ashton Mabee - Ashton Morton Mabee (1897-1972)
  5. Umi Smith
  6. ?
  7. Gerald Harrington - Gerald Cushing Harrington (1898-1970)
  8. ? Galvin
  9. ? McIntyre
  10. ?
Second Row, Girls: 
  1. Rena Turner - Rena Blanche Turner (1896-1982), who married Karl Wilfrid Jewers
  2. ? Pottle
  3. Clara Camick - Clara May Camick (1896-1980), who married Curtis Percy Willis
  4. Ethel Peacock - Ethel L. Peacock (1897-1983); married Samuel E. Collins
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. Mary Ferris - Mary E. Ferris (1898-1985), who married George C. Loring
  8. Lucy Atwood - Lucy Kilby Atwood (1898-1996), who married Ronald Bibber Wadsworth
  9. Vera Leland - Vera Leland (1897-1958), who married 1) Arthur Leroy Sadler and 2) William Franklin Davidson
  10. Aloha Richardson - Aloha Richardson (1894-1987)
  11. Arline Fallon - Arline C. Fallon (1898-1974), who married, I believe, James Logan and Mr. Vaughn 
  12. Amy Bogle - Amy Catherine Bogle (1898-1975), who married Marcus Theodore Rangas
Third Row, Girls:
  1.  ?
  2. Kathleen Keating - Kathleen Elizabeth Keating (1897-1975), who married Howard M. Brown
  3. Jeannette Boyd - Jeannette Morrison Boyd (1897-1989), who married Albert H. Winchell
  4. Alice Rome - Alice Gordon Rome (1898-1990), who married Cleveland H. Kennedy
  5. Mary Chevrier - Mary Virginia Chevrier (1897-1988), who married Francis L. Gallen
  6. Doris Flagherty - Doris L. Flaherty (1897-1977), who married Fred Ward Beach and Robert N. West
  7. ?
  8. Freda Rice - Freda May Rice (1898-1952), who married 1) Harold Eustis Bent; 2) Lawrence Drake Chellis
  9. either an unidentified person or a space placed in error
  10. Gladys Warnock - Gladys Lewis Warnock (1897-1975), who married Ralph S. Hayes
  11. Grace Bibber - perhaps Grace Holton Bibber (1897-1992), who married 1)Harry Miller Murphy and 2) Augustus Sanborn Carter 
Fourth Row, Girls:
  1. ? [up country]
  2. ?
  3. Lowe (Madonna) - Sr. M. Alphonsa (Madonna) Lowe (1896-1975)
  4.  ?
Back Row, Boys
  1. Algar Grant - Alger Everett Grant (1895-1974)
  2. Ralph Harrington - Ralph Alexander Harrington (1896-1986)
  3. Arthur Hilyard - Arthur Cameron Hilyard (1897-1971)
  4. Bertram Byron - perhaps John Burton Byron (1897-1973)
  5. Hoddie Patterson - perhaps Horace O. Patterson (1896-1992)
  6. ?
  7. John McCart - John Henderson McCart (1897-1949)
  8. ?

Again, if you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

c1925 Photograph of the Eastport, Maine, City Council

c1925 photograph of the City Council of Eastport, Maine. The reverse contains identifications of the men, in the handwriting of Councilor Karl Wilfred Jewers (1896-1977).

The photograph was taken by the Milliken studio of Eastport, Maine.
If you have a correction to the information below, please leave a comment.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

1907 Photograph of the Grand Jury Panel of Washington County, Maine

Reprinted, with permission, from the Heirlooms Reunited blog

1907 photograph, measuring 5" by 7", of the members of the Grand Jury of Washington County, Maine, taken in front of the Calais Court House.

The names of the men appear on an accompanying paper, image below, but only as a list, not matching names to faces.

If you recognize any of these men from your family photographs or research, please leave a comment, in the hope that the men can eventually be identified by face.

Grand Jury for Washington County, Impanelled October Term, 1906.
In alphabetical order:

*  This photograph was taken in front of the Court House at Calais, Wednesday, April 24, A.D. 1907.  Juror Bogue does not appear in the picture, he having been unable to attend Court at the April Term on account of sickness.

Some of the towns mentioned

Saturday, April 10, 2021

c. 1890s photograph of Maple Point School, Robbinston, Maine; Lillian Daggett and Sadie Daggett

Reprinted, with permission, from the Heirlooms Reunited blog, which has comments

Circa 1890s photograph of students at the Maple Point School in Robbinston, Maine.  Maple Point is presumably the Maple Point in the southwestern part of the town, on Boyden Lake.

Handwriting on the reverse mentions "Misses Sadie and Lillian G. Daggett, South Robbinston, Washington County, Maine, P.O. Box 71".

Unfortunately, assuming that these two girls are actually in the photograph and not written merely as recipients, no positioning is given.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Sadie May Daggett (1885-1974) and Lillian Gertrude Daggett (1889-1979) were the daughters of George Albert and Harriet R. (Nodding or Noddin) Daggett.   

Sadie May Daggett married twice:
  1. Nathan C. Stanton, son of Jonathan William Stanton of South Thomaston, Maine
  2. Albert Ford Merrill, Jr., son of Albert F. and Abbie (Littlefield) Merrill of the Waterville, Maine area.  Sadie was Albert Ford Merrill's third wife.   Albert died in 1949 and Sadie in 1974.

Lillian Gertrude Daggett married Earl James Hancock, son of James and Cora Hancock, of the Waterville, Maine area.  They had at least two children.  In the 1930 Census, Lillian's mother Harriet is shown living with them in Waterville. Earl died in 1974 and Lillian in 1979.

During the 19th century, Robbinston was a shipbuilding center. William Wallace Bates and his father Stephen built ships there or near there before leaving for Wisconsin around the 1850s, where their Maine and Maritime designs revolutionized shipbuilding techniques on the Great Lakes.

If you have corrections, additional information and/or if you recognize any of the students, please leave a comment. 

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1912 Photograph of Students in the Class of 1914 at Boynton High School in Eastport, Maine

Photograph taken on the steps of Boynton High School in Eastport, Maine, on November 18, 1912 of students in the Class of 1914.

Identificatons on the reverse were penned by Karl Wilfrid Jewers (1896-1977).
The Students

If you can identify the student whose last name is MacIntyre, or if you have information to share on any of the students, please leave a comment. 

Monday, March 29, 2021

c1914 Photograph of Students in Eastport, Maine; Most IDed

c1914 photograph of students at Eastport, Maine; most are identified, presumably long after the photograph was taken.  Nothing on the reverse.

Click on the photograph to enlarge it.

If you can identify one of the unidentified students or correct an incorrect identity, or if you have information to share on any of the students, please leave a comment.

Front row:

Middle Row:

Back Row:

Aftermath of the Accident of a Hudson Motor Car at Calais, Maine; owned by Sullivan of Lubec, Maine

Vintage snapshot of the aftermath of an accident at Calais, Maine, on July 20, year unknown, involving a Hudson Motor Car owned by a Mr. Sullivan of Lubec, Maine.

Hudson Motor Cars were in production from 1909 until 1957.  The company was founded by Detroit department store owner J. L. Hudson.  In 1929, the peak year of production, some 300,000 Hudson and Essex cars were built.  Hudson merged with Nash Motors in 1954, creating American Motors.

Perhaps you have a theory as to the particular Mr. Sullivan who owned this vehicle; if so, please leave a comment.

1913 Annual Report of Town of Lubec, Maine; Gold Mine; Many Names

Annual Report of the Municipal Officers of the Town of Lubec, Maine, for the Year Ending March 1, 1913.  Many of the names of people within are repeated, some many times, but I'll list them all at least once, if not more.


Directory of Teachers
High School - Mame S. Bennet, Principal; W. E. Lane, Sub-Master; Leona J. Achorn, E. M. Bartlett, Belle A. Randall (Commercial Dept.)
Grade 9 - Maude Preble
Grade 8 - Esther Winchester
Grade 7 - Elmeda E. Thompson
Grade 6 - Grace J. Hill
Grade 5 - Gretchen A. Mulholland
Grade 4 - Lucy Hearne
Grade 3 - Mary B. Varney
Grade 2 - Nina E. Davis
Grade 1 - Evelyn Stewart
No. 2 East - Janette Stewart
No. 2 West - Ada V. Moan
No. 3 South (Primary) Florence Tucker, Bertha Knowlton
No. 3 South (Grammar) Sylvia Crockett
No. 3 North - Princess F. Wilson
No. 4 - Elsie Hurlburt
No. 5 East - Ina M. Kelley
No. 5 West - Beatrice Wilkinson
No. 6 - Lillian Reynolds, Florence Hilton
No. 7 - Merle Trecartin
No. 9 - Grammar, Mrs. Alice Joy, Sara B. Stinson, Primary
No. 10 - Mame O'Brien
No. 11 - Ena Myers